Our Success Stories

17 year old winner of Rockschool’s Asian Supreme Drum Competition 2023 (GOLD AWARD)

At just 12 years old, Primary level boy scores a Grade 8 Distinction!

Winner of Rockschool’s Asian Supreme Drum Competition 2022 (GOLD AWARD)

Boy 9, emerges as champion in Rockfest 2018!

From Student to Teacher: Student becomes an Instructor after a year of lessons!

Boy in primary school achieves Distinction in Grade 8 drum kit exams!

A Recording Artist At 4 And Now A Grade 5 Distinction Holder At 10!

School dropout gets an admission into Berklee College of Music after a round of auditions!

Junior college teacher receives distinction in advanced exams after just 2 years of lessons!

Boy wins 1st runner-up and merit awards at 5 years old!

Student to Instructor IN JUST 8 YEARS!

To make his mommy proud, is what this young performer had in mind!

Finding the right instructor made the difference for Intern to pass his Grade 8 exams after multiple attempts!