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What sets us apart?

At Drumstruck Studios – School of Contemporary Music, we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs and aspirations of each person. At Drumstruck, our genuine love for music drives us to share our knowledge and joy with anyone who joins us. We firmly believe that music is not only a wonderful leisure pursuit but also a positive source of inspiration for life.

State of the Art Facilities & High End Instruments

Our students learn in a conducive environment and practice on instruments that are used by professionals.

Flexible Lessons

If you are unable to attend a lesson, just inform us 1 day before and you may reschedule the lesson to any other day and time according to the availability of both the student and instructor. If the instructor’s schedule doesn’t fit yours, you have the option of having the lesson with another one of our instructors. Can’t seem to make up the class within the month? We will give a grace period of 3 months to complete your make up lessons. If the lesson is cancelled on the day itself due to being unwell, just produce a medical certificate and the lesson will be replaced. 

Free Trial and Assessments

Trial: If you’re unsure about the right choice of school for you, you may book a free trial lesson of 30 mins to have an idea of how lessons are conducted at Drumstruck Studios. Speak with our Instructors and learn about the syllabus we use as well as how our lessons are structured in order to help you meet your goals.

Assessment: Any musician who is unsure about their level of musicianship may come and be assessed by our Instructors and have a specific idea on how to improve and achieve their personal musical goals. We have had many musicians come to us ranging from beginners, advanced players and professional active musicians. After the assessment with us we have had musicians signing up with us at grades 3, 5 and 8. Some even signing up just to prepare for auditions to enrol into Lasalle College of the Arts and even Berklee College of Music (USA) and we must say they have all been successful.

Free Studio Rental

All students may call and book our studios for their own practice sessions during our operating hours. Students MUST call at least 1 day in advance to book the studios. You may come down to our studios to practice as many times as you want within a week but no block booking is allowed. Each practice session is for an hour. Studio rental is only for students enrolled with us at Drumstruck Studios.

Free Music Workshops

All students get to take part in various instrument workshops conducted during the June school holidays to broaden their musical knowledge. Workshops conducted are usually to supplement the examination syllabus which we offer our students.

Individual & Group Classes for All Age Groups

We offer individual and group classes for students from the age of 3 to any one who is interested to pick up a new instrument. Our group classes can only accommodate 2 students at a time, be it parent and child, siblings or friends. If you’re looking for lessons for a pre-schooler then look no further. Check out our videos on our Facebook page to see how our young students perform and you will be convinced that we are the right drum school for your child. After all, we pioneered drumming for kids in Singapore taking in children as young as 3 years old and conducting drum lessons for kids in preschools.

Opportunities to Perform Live

Drumstruck organises recitals on alternating years to showcase our students’ achievements through our music school. We also are constantly looking out for opportunities for our students to form bands and locate venues for them to perform. One such event that our students have been performing yearly to a public crowd in the heart of town is the Singapore Night Festival. 

Comprehensive Courses & Competitive Course Fees

Of course, we ain’t the cheapest around but then no other schools can match the personal touch that we offer to our students. Over the years, we have continually supported students who have performed in their school and private events, not only in training them but also being physically there to provide the respective instruments and set-up! Unheard of right?! We are passionate about what we do plus it’s a joy to watch our students performing after all those lessons with us.

Cater to Individuals & Organisations as well as Students with Special Needs

Drumstruck is able to tailor to what is required for individuals and organisations, be it for workshops or a personal request. Some of our instructors are also trained to teach students with special needs such as ADHD & Autism. We’ve conducted workshops for many corporate clients.Some of our clientele include SINDA, YMCA, PCF Kindergarten, Bukit Batok Secondary, Salem Chapel, MindChamps, Saint James Church, Planet Montessori, Church of Holy Spirit, Temasek Holdings, Tambalog…a meeting place, Focal Pro Audio Solutions, Civil Service Club, Hwa Chong Institution, Woodgrove Secondary, Saint Andrews Secondary, New Town Secondary and the list goes on.

Tailored Lessons

Anyone with a love for music is welcomed at Drumstruck Studios. We will assess and educate students at each individual’s pace, allowing them to progress continually and enjoying music at the same time. Lessons at Drumstruck are structured yet at the same time not rigid. Students are coached with industry standard syllabi and guided with a systematic approach proven to have shown results. Students may indicate to their instructors if they wish to learn cover songs or materials of their own and this may also be incorporated into their lessons. Lessons at Drumstruck are also conducted with a holistic approach where the focus is on 6 key areas which are Performance, Technical Ability, Sight Reading, Improvisation, Aural skills and Musicianship Knowledge.

Amazing Record of 100% Students’ Passing Rate

Over the years, we’ve had students achieving various qualifications and the majority of them have passed their exams with Merits & Distinctions. We believe not many schools can boast this record.

Exams Provided by Prestigious Examination Board from the UK

Though we may coach students to any examination syllabus of their choice, our preferred official examination board is Rockschool from the UK, who is also GCSE recognised. Rockschool’s graded music exams provide an opportunity for candidates to work towards accredited qualifications, playing the music they love. They assess progressive mastery on a musical instrument from Entry Level (Debut) up to Grade 8 (Advanced). Through reinforcing knowledge across all sections of the exam, they help candidates consolidate their learning and develop their skills in a more stimulating and enjoyable way.

Coaching for Graded Exams from Debut to Performance & Teaching Diplomas

Students will be trained professionally to meet the required standards of the examination boards. Besides students, we have trained many teachers from various music schools to attain their teaching diplomas as well. We’ve got the right material for you to achieve your goals and to kickstart a music career!

Certified, Experienced & Passionate Instructors

All our instructors are highly trained and certified to guide students to achieve their individual goals and dreams. Besides that, they have also garnered adequate experience in performance and teaching and are currently active in the music scene and are very motivated in coaching anyone with the love for music.