Electric Guitar

Our students at Drumstruck Studios range from 3 years of age to 65. No pre-requisite is required for any of our music courses at Drumstruck Studios. Whether you’re a seasoned performer who is looking to further hone your skills or a complete beginner with no knowledge about music, Drumstruck Studios will be the right choice for you. For beginners, do not be fazed as you will be guided through the fundamentals that allow you to learn the foundations in guitar playing such as proper posture, right/left hand positioning & fingering techniques. The beginner Electric Guitar course comprises of a foundation level known as Debut followed by Grades 1 to 3. This usually takes about 6 – 12 months to complete varying from one student to another. Some of the factors that contribute to completing the course efficiently include; the age of the student, duration of weekly lesson,

owning an electric guitar & amount of practice clocked weekly.

Lessons conducted at Drumstruck Studios focus primarily on 6 key skills which are Performance, Technical Ability, Sight Reading, Improvisation, Aural skills & Musicianship knowledge. Lessons are tailored to each and every individual’s learning ability and personal goals. Our lessons are structured and tailored in order for Instructors to help students develop these various skills in every lesson, helping them to achieve all the requirements needed to complete each grade. If you’ve been thinking of wanting to pick up guitar playing because you want to jam with some of your favorite tunes, yes we can incorporate that into your lessons as well. After completion of the beginners electric guitar course, students would be able to sight read guitar notations as well as tablature, play basic guitar chords, perform pieces in contemporary styles, be able to play at the correct pitch, perform major/minor natural and pentatonic scales as well as have a well rounded musicianship knowledge about the instrument.

What you’ll be learning

High end studio instruments including Gibson Les Paul Studio, Fender

Deluxe Stratocaster, Vox AC30 & Vox AC4TV Guitar Tube Amplifiers

& various guitar effects processors

Discover & understand the differences between various types of distortion, overdrive and many other effects

Develop the ability to sight read guitar notations, tablature, chord symbols and charts

Build a strong foundation in techniques such as strumming, power chords,

hammer-on/pull-off, slides, whammy-bar and effect tricks

Learn efficient techniques to master the fingerboard and build up your vocabulary of scales, licks and modes for solo improvisations

Be a versatile performer and learn to apply appropriate guitar tones to a wide genre of music from pop, blues, rock, latin, funk, jazz to heavy metal

Learn to play solos in a band context or as an individual

Perform with backing tracks of your favorite bands