At Drumstruck Studios, our students span a wide age range, from 4 to 65 years. We have no prerequisites for our music courses, welcoming both seasoned performers looking to refine their skills and complete beginners with no prior musical knowledge. Regardless of your experience level, Drumstruck Studios is the ideal choice for you.

For beginners, fear not. We guide you through the fundamentals, covering essential aspects such as proper seating posture, stick grips, and foot techniques. The beginner drum course, starting with the foundation level known as Debut and progressing through Grades 1 to 3, typically takes 6 to 12 months to complete, varying based on individual progress. Factors influencing course completion include the student’s age, weekly lesson duration, ownership of a drum kit, and the amount of weekly practice.

Our lessons at Drumstruck Studios focus on six key skills: Performance, Technical Ability, Sight Reading, Improvisation, Aural Skills, and Musicianship Knowledge. Tailored to each individual’s learning ability and personal goals, our structured lessons enable instructors to guide students in developing these skills at every session. We firmly believe that drumming should be a fun and enriching activity for all. If your goal is to jam with your favourite tunes, we can incorporate that into your lessons.

Upon completing the beginners drum course, students will gain the ability to sight-read, perform pieces across various contemporary styles, play basic drum rudiments, recall essential drum fills and beats, and possess well-rounded musicianship knowledge about the instrument

What you’ll be learning

Apply the 40 PAS Drum Rudiments on the Drum kit

Develop proper hand & foot techniques

Play an arsenal of fills with killer chops

Play with backing tracks of your favourite bands

Exciting contemporary graded examination pieces from the UK

Learn to play solos in a band context or as an individual